• Keller's Auto Repair - West Berlin NJ Area Mechanic
  • Keller's Auto Repair - West Berlin NJ Area Mechanic
  • Keller's Auto Repair - West Berlin NJ Area Mechanic

Auto transmission power flush and cooler

Prolong your transmission's life. Power flush transmission and cooler with new fluid every 30,000 miles.

Auto car fuel system flush

Protect your vehicle with the Motor Vac CarbonClean System which cleans your car's fuel system every 30,000 miles. This service bypasses your fuel system, flushes injectors and fuel rail, and decarbonizes engine combustion chambers and catalyst converter.

Automotive Air Conditioning AC Tune Up and Freon Leak Detection

This machine provides AC Tune-Up to recharge your vehicle's air conditioning, evacuate system, and add proper freon and dye to system. The dye can trace freon leaks.

Vehicle Cooling System Flush and Leak Detection

Protect your vehicle with a cooling system flush, pressure test for leaks, and installation new extended life antifreeze. This can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

Automotive Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid flush, install machine and power flush system. Flushes anti-lock brake system. This can save costly repairs on your ABS system.

Automotive Battery and Alternator Tester

This is our battery and alternator tester.

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